Chewy Granola Bars (Low-FODMAP Recipe)

Low-FODMAP Chewy Granola Bar Recipe #FODMAP

These granola bars make a great afternoon snack with a cup of tea or a quick energy boost before the gym. Filled with healthy seeds and with no added sugar, they are a guilt-free treat! I included some dried fruit, since the amount in each bar should be low enough to not cause any problems, but if you react badly to dried fruit, you can leave this out. Read more

Fruity Flapjack (Low FODMAP Recipe)

Low-FODMAP Fruity Flapjack

I love making flapjack and have made a few different variations over the last few months. This recipes aims to be slightly healthier, although it is still very sweet! I like to make a batch at the weekend ready for the week so I can grab one on my way out to the gym as a little energy boost. You can add nuts if you like, but I react badly to them so I have left them out. Read more