Butter Chicken Curry (Low-FODMAP Recipe)

Low-FODMAP Chicken Curry

This curry is deliciously creamy and spicy, and pretty healthy too. It can be served with rice, or your favourite vegetable side dish, like potatoes or spinach. You can also add other vegetables to the sauce, like peppers or the green part of spring onions, for a little bit more crunch. The recipe is a fair bit of work but it’s definitely worth it – once you have all all the ingredients in your cupboard, it’s super simple to knock this curry up again and again. I hope you like it! Read more

Chicken & Sweet Potato Risotto (Low-FODMAP Recipe)

Low-FODMAP Chicken & Sweet Potato Risotto

After searching high and low for stock cubes that didn’t contain onion or onion powder I eventually decided to take the plunge and make my own. It’s actually really simple and the risotto I made with it was much nicer than any I have made with pre-made stock. This risotto uses only a few ingredients as I wanted to keep it simple but, as always, feel free to add more veg if you prefer. Read more

My Week on Instagram 21/07/12

Salad from work canteen #fodmap

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Sesame chicken spring rolls #fodmap #lowfodmap

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Chicken satay stir fry #fodmap #lowfodmap

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Gluten free crumpet with blackcurrant jam #fodmap #lowfodmap

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1. A simple salad from my work canteen on day of my low FODMAP diet.

2. Satay chicken stir fry I made on Tuesday. So easy and really delicious! Makes enough for 3 so I can take batches to work to heat up for lunch too.

3. Sesame chicken summer rolls I made on Saturday morning for lunch.

4. A gluten free crumpet with blackcurrant jam I had an afternoon snack yesterday. I’m unsure if I can eat jam, but I felt ok afterwards.

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Sesame Chicken Summer Rolls (Low FODMAP Recipe)

Low FODMAP Sesame Chicken Summer Rolls

These rolls are great as a starter or lunch time snack and, depending on how large you want them, you can get anywhere from 4 to 10 rolls from this recipe. The ingredients have been adapted from this recipe from Kate Scarlata’s blog, as I wanted to use up some things I already had in the fridge. Feel free to substitute my choices for whatever veg you fancy! Read more