Second Week of FODMAP Diet – Elimination Phase

After feeling good after a successful first FODMAP-free week, I’ve gone downhill and made a few mistakes by eaten things I shouldn’t have without realising. I am now realising just how difficult this FODMAP malarkey actually is.

Monday started off fine as I took some leftover stir fry to work for lunch, but then I decided to buy some nuts for an afternoon snack and got a really bad stomach ache afterwards. I’m not sure why, as I literally only had 2 or 3 walnuts, which should be low in FODMAPs, so I’m just avoiding all nuts now. I also made flapjacks which turned out really nice, so I will be posting a recipe shortly.

On Tuesday I made egg fried rice with sesame prawns, which was really nice. I ate way too much flapjack though! The next day I had some leftover rice and it was quite dry so I stupidly added some ketchup, not realising that it’s not allowed because concentrated tomatoes are high in FODMAPs compared to fresh tomatoes. I felt really bloated afterwards and still didn’t feel great the next morning.

I had to attend a work away-day on Thursday, so wasn’t really able to stick to the diet at all. We had a choice of food, but all the choices were covered in various sauces and I didn’t really want to be a pain and request something different as it was a small venue. I ended up with a chicken salad of some kind, which mainly consisted of lettuce, which I’m not sure is low-FODMAP. The sauce was also cheesy and wasn’t easy to avoid, although I was able to pick out the croutons and onions. I didn’t feel too bad afterwards, but I was wearing loose clothing so the bloating I normally get wasn’t as obvious.

Friday was a better day, as I took a trip to Whole Foods and found a lovely range of allergy-free cupcakes, so I treated myself. In the evening I made bolognese with spelt pasta, which I’d never tried before. I was really pleased with the spelt pasta and it tasted great and didn’t go all mushy like gluten-free pasta normally does with me.

low FODMAP spelt pasta

On Saturday I took another trip to whole foods and my boyfriend bought some great, high quality cumberland sausages which were 100% pork and not padded out with anything dodgy. I bought some nice mustard to have on them, as I couldn’t find any low-FODMAP ketchup. I guess I’ll be making my own – I can’t live without ketchup! We bought some gluten-free buns from Tesco with a plan to have makeshift hotdogs, but the buns actually had apple and pear juice in, which seems weird to me. I ate a maybe half of one thinking it would be such a small amount that I would be ok, but I wasn’t. Another failure!

All in all, not a successful week. I am going to have to really try hard to avoid FODMAPs this week, which means not eating out and making everything myself from scratch. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m determined to feel better by this time next week! Wish me luck!

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