Why The Low-FODMAP Diet Might Not Be Working For You

Why The Low-FODMAP Diet Might Not Be Working For You #FODMAP

So you’ve discovered the low-FODMAP diet, and it seems like the answer to your prayers, but after several weeks of avoiding FODMAPs you’re still feeling rubbish and your IBS symptoms haven’t gone away…

Well, this is a common problem and there’s a few reasons why this might be happening. Below, I’ve outlined some of the biggest, non-FODMAP related causes of IBS and other digestive problems so you can identify the issues and make the necessary changes to your diet to improve your digestive health. Read more

Chocolate Cookies 2 Ways (Low-FODMAP Recipe)

low-FODMAP Chocolate Cookies

Ahh, cookies… Since going gluten-free I don’t think there’s anything I’ve missed more than biscuits and cookies. These cookies satisfy even the worst cravings and are actually quite healthy, since there’s no added sugar (although you can add sugar if you find they aren’t sweet enough for you). This recipe can also be easily doubled up to make 12 cookies – although I like to make 6 of each kind and bake them together, as shown on the photos. Read more

Butter Chicken Curry (Low-FODMAP Recipe)

Low-FODMAP Chicken Curry

This curry is deliciously creamy and spicy, and pretty healthy too. It can be served with rice, or your favourite vegetable side dish, like potatoes or spinach. You can also add other vegetables to the sauce, like peppers or the green part of spring onions, for a little bit more crunch. The recipe is a fair bit of work but it’s definitely worth it – once you have all all the ingredients in your cupboard, it’s super simple to knock this curry up again and again. I hope you like it! Read more