Les Deux Salons, London – Restaurant Review

First of all, apologies for the drab looking photos, my phone doesn’t have the best camera. It was the boyfriend’s birthday yesterday so I took him out for dinner to Les Deux Salons in London. I found out about this place through work, as we recently took a client to Wild Honey which is owned and run by the same company.

The menu is pretty FODMAP friendly, with various meat options like lamb, fish, chicken and prawns, and separate side dishes like fries, potatos and spinach, so you can mix and match. 

I opted for the steak frites with a side of steamed spinach, which I shared with the boyfriend. The steak came with shallots, which are high in FODMAPs, but you could easily scrape them off or ask for them not be included. I ate them anyway, because I’m a terrible person.

Steak Frites from Les Deux Salons London

All in all, the meal was delicious. The steak was perfectly cooked (medium, if you’re wondering) and melted in my mouth, the fries were crispy and the spinach lovely and soft.

Drink-wise, I know I shouldn’t be having anything fizzy but this virgin mojito was way too tempting. I don’t even like mojitos, but without the rum they are delicious! I might try and make some at home. Well, maybe next year, seeing as the weather is starting to become a bit less summery now.

Virgin Mojito from Les Deux Salons London

Les Deux Salons a little on the pricier side so I wouldn’t eat here a lot, but this was a special occasion and was definitely worth it. There’s also a well-stocked bar if you just fancy a quick drink too. You can find it just off Trafalgar Square, London – map here.

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